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Heroes, Badges and Warriors is a veteran-founded charitable organization that focuses on providing social and humanitarian outreach at locations around the United States.  Specifically, our mission is to directly engage with local and national agencies to connect, support, and sustain veterans and first responders through our offerings as well as through other likeminded organizations within our network of friends. Utilizing this vast network, it is our intent to end isolationism and suicide one life at a time.

Through HBW events, retreats, virtual and online mentoring, and follow-up interactions, we will provide connect with community services, outreach organizations, and like-minded veteran nonprofits to offer assistance to our brothers and sisters as they face challenges daily. By connecting with teammates at events held in outdoor settings and providing information in a classroom setting, will restore old friendships as well as build new ones along the way.

We exist to vitalize and enrich the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health of active military, veterans, first responders, and their communities through a thriving network of partnerships, camaraderie, and grassroots campaigns.”

Image by Aaron Burden


After a 28 year career in the USAF and an unsuccessful brain surgery, in the summer of 2018, our founder was at the point where SUICIDE seemed like the best choice.  When he reached out to a mental health professional via email, he was met with a response that stated, "make an appointment with the front desk" along with a copy of the Air Force instruction that explained why he used the "wrong" method of communication. No followup, no phone call, just the email.  As unbelievable as that response is, it angered him so much that he refocused the negative thoughts and vowed to never let something like that happen to anyone else under his supervision or with in his reach.


Then in December of 2020, on the day after Christmas, he saw seven badges with black stripes on his FB feed that indicated a members passing, six of them were from suicide...and that was when Camaraderie Rescue Mission Inc. (now Heroes, Badges and Warriors) was officially born!

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
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